Sharon Schaveet is an expert on the Middle East, a film producer and a photographer.

She is a master of information about film productions in the Middle East as well as an advisor and a consultant. With more than 20 years experience, she has the ability to turn visions into reality. She advises TV and film production companies concerning filming in Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt enabling film projects to be very successful.
Sharon combines many areas of skill and knowledge. With her expertise in history, religion, archaeology, culture, art, lifestyle, and politics, she brings valuable content to TV and film projects. Her great visual expertise, excellence in program design and skill in negotiation benefit film productions tremendously.
Creativity, professionalism and innovation are the principles guiding Sharon’s work. She has extensive and valuable connections enabling her to open doors everywhere.
Working for many years with top professionals in the TV and film industry, she can make wonderful recommendations concerning who to hire for all aspects of your project.
With her sense of style and love for beauty, her clients see her as the best address in the Middle East to advise them on their film projects.
Currently, she is writing a travel book on Jerusalem, A Guide to Jerusalem, which features her photography and shares her extensive knowledge of Jerusalem.
Sharon Schaveet