Work Experience

ideas for content to film

Film Producer

Working with international clients from all over the world In the most unique locations in the Middle East.


Sharon worked with a Brazilian director who told her, "Through your eyes, I see the beauty of the Holy Land.” She shared wonderful locations and details including beautiful churches, gorgeous olive trees, exquisite windows, and enchanting gardens. She explained how to get the best light, showed him unique angles to use, and the best places to shoot from in order to capture the site’s unique beauty. She provided the visual concept for his telenovella in the Holy Land.
ideas for TV shows


Sharon provides ideas for TV shows and films focusing on religion and archaeology as well as unique access to complicated locations. She works with international TV shows such as: City of the Underground, Destination Truth, Secret of the Underground, Forgotten History, Finding Jesus and many more.
She has great relationships with key people in the worlds of archaeology and religion. She is invited to major archaeological digs regularly. She knows all the academics and other major figures in the archaeological community, all the important individuals in religious circles, as well as Middle East experts. She has exact information about what is happening in the field. She can provide all the contacts and information to match the religion and archaeology shows.
She has a deep understanding of the region including the religious sensitivities and local cultural norms and she knows how to communicate and negotiate in order accomplish projects effectively.
the best film locations in the Middle East


Where in Bethlehem are the best shots of the Church of Nativity?
What›s new in the Archaeology digs in the Holy Land?
Where is the best secret roof in Jerusalem to film from?
Sharon knows all the best film locations in the Middle East. She knows how to look at a film script and match the script to the perfect locations. She is always finding new and exciting locations.
Location:Feynan Jordan


Sharon's photographs from varied Middle Eastern locations are an inspiration for film directors around the world. The pictures on this website are her work.